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100 days, 100 salads

Back on the blogtrain!

Hi Folks.

Thanks for the patience. I have been enjoying salads but I haven’t been making the time to write about them. My one-salad-a-day journal was a fairly ambitious goal, so I think I will re-start my blogging habits with the goal of sharing when I can instead of a strict once-a-day rule. Sound good? 

As an update, I am going to post a whole bunch of photos that I’ve taken over the past two months- a salad extravaganza!

Joan’s cottage cheese crunch salad… take 5?


Fattoush salad from the wonderful restaurant Noorish– parsley, kale, pomegranate seeds, dehydrated (raw) crackersImage

Lentil salad with pumpkin seeds and cilantroImage

Mung bean sprout salad at Kyoto SushiImage

Tossed salad with red cabbage and green onions (for dinner with the Rajabalis)


Delish bowl of veggie/tofu goodness at the Coup in Calgary


Raw pizza from the Wild Oat in Ottawa– yum!!


Ok, not a salad… but a brie-apricot grilled cheese from the Chateau Laurier!


Katryna’s salad take… 5?


Chickpea salad with roasted peppers, olive oil, and feta cheese


Superfood salad- quinoa with corn, black beans, shrimp, cilantro, avocado


Non-salad pic number 2: heart-shaped chocolate-chip pancakes for Valentine’s!


A very happy Hayley with her ricotta crepe at the Enjoy Centre! 


My roasted beet salad at the Enjoy Centre- with onion relish, goat cheese encrusted with hemp hearts, and fresh greens- second time I’ve had it and still so good!


Today’s salad for church choir potluck: Dean’s salad with chickpeas instead of lentils, and with baby tomatoes and grated carrot


That’s all for now! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your vegetables :). 



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5 thoughts on “Back on the blogtrain!

  1. Let me know when you’d like to explore salads throughout the city! I’m always up for leafy treats!

  2. Allison on said:

    I am certainly enjoying my veggies! I’ve been buying new ones with every grocery order… not necessarily ones I haven’t eaten, but ones I’ve never prepared. Although our Sobeys leaves a bit to be desired, a fact to which I’m sure you would attest. And zucchini is my new fave pizza topping! Slice ’em up, saute a bit, then throw them on!

    The fattoush salad and the raw pizza both look so beautiful, as well as delicious! Dark green plus purple… wow!

  3. Danielle on said:

    Mmm all looks so good! I’ve have some beets I need to use up… Good inspiration from the pics!

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