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quarter-challenge update

Hi folks!

I’m just over 25 days into the challenge and I’m enjoying myself immensely! Thanks for putting up with me when there is a bit of time between posts- I’m making salads and taking photos everyday but sometimes it takes me a few days to get everything posted. If you haven’t already, you should check out my links sections on the right hand side (scroll down) and PLEASE let me know of your own favourite food blogs/sites! I’m always happy to expand my surf-list :).

I’m also putting out a request for favourite salad ideas/recipes- I can feel myself starting to repeat some of the ones I’ve already made (this week marks the THIRD time I made Katryna’s salad! which is great because I love it, but I think there are lots more out there to be made!). Please send ’em along in a comment or email me at sjfrrll(at)gmail.com. Would love to hear from you!

And thanks to those who have been commenting regularly! I love reading your comments and knowing that you are out there supporting me :).

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katryna’s salad: take 3

So, I really like this salad. (If you couldn’t tell already!) When I’m grocery shopping these days, I always am drawn towards these ingredients. I just can’t help it!

butter lettuce

red onions

lime juice




pear vinaigrette

It’s really good with seeds, too, but I didn’t have any on hand! Let me know if you try it- and what variation you take :).

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