oil and vinegar

100 days, 100 salads

seaweed salad of champions

Friday! Another exciting day. F and I were looking for an adventure that would fit into an afternoon, that would involve some driving, and just might involve something yummy to eat. Now, when someone says ‘want to go to Red Deer for Sushi?’ your first reaction might be ‘umm, no!” But, if you were to try the amazing (and inexpensive) sushi at Shiso, you might just make the 1.5 hour trek there (or respective plane trip from where you are). Since I hadn’t had a salad yet, I asked for a seaweed salad, thinking they would bring a small one in a miso-soup-sized bowl. To our delight, though, they brought a huge bowl of the most fresh, crunchy, yummy salad you can imagine.

Here are some pics:

So inspirational! I am going to have to try this on my own soon…


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