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two salads in one day

Folks, I have a confession. I didn’t make or eat salad yesterday! Well, actually, I did eat a bit of leftover bean salad, but I already had written about it so that was a bit of a fail. Not to fear, however, since today I made TWO salads! First one is a version of a salad my parents used to make a lot when I was growing up. To be honest, I never really liked this salad, but my tastes have changed significantly and I like it a lot more. When I asked my Mom for the recipe, she gave me a list of the following ingredients:

romaine lettuce –> I used spinach 🙂

grated carrots

toasted (unsweetened) coconut

mandarin slices–> I used grapefruit

dressing made of yogurt and a tbsp. or two of mayonnaise

With my little changes, it was great! It didn’t bring me back to my childhood, though, so I think I’ll have to do it again, sticking to the recipe. The part that did remind me of home was the toasting coconut- Mom used to do this in the toaster oven and it always smelled great.

My second salad today (dessert salad?) was another version of Katryna’s yummy salad. This time, instead of grapes, I used banana slices (shout out to Sophie on this one), and added some sunflower seeds and toasted coconut I had left from the other salad. Yum!


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One thought on “two salads in one day

  1. Yay banana in salad! I’m kind of impressed by your use of grapefruit, I’m going to have to get on that 🙂

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