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dinner party of champions!

I’m going to let this post speak mainly for itself! Basically, I am part of a wonderful dinner club (started by my friend Deanna). We get together about once a month and share food! Basically, whoever hosts is responsible for the main course, and then we others are to bring appetizer, side, and dessert. Saturday night was our fifth (or sixth? anyone remember?) and it was fab! I picked the theme, since I was hosting, and it was Clean Food (vegetarian, whole foods etc etc..). I basically wanted an excuse to serve fresh juice and sprouts on my chickpea burgers ;).

The menu:

Fruits and veggies ready to be juiced:

Fried cheese! It was so freakin’ good. Deanna served it with a lightly-cooked dressing of fennel, onion, and mint.

Deanna and her freshly fried cheese:

The gang: (so sorry I cut you off, Moira!!)

Opened-faced chickpea burgers with quinoa cakes and cabbage salad:

Moira’s wonderful fair-trade chocolate tart (with amaretti-cookie crust!):


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2 thoughts on “dinner party of champions!

  1. Deanna on said:

    it was so great!!

  2. It looks like a scrumpdelicious meal. Would love to have the fried cheese recipe – what type of cheese and the coating! It is so much fun to have a dinner party !!
    Your salads all look wonderful and I’m sure taste even better.

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