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100 days, 100 salads

sprouts and apples!

Have you ever sprouted beans at home? It’s seriously so much fun. I sometimes get weird looks from roommates (hippie!) and my parents have had bad experiences with me forgetting to rinse the sprouts and the funky smell that gets left behind… But if you are on top of things, they are really easy! Here’s a link if you want to check it out:


I made some mixed beans sprouts a couple of days ago. They’re my favorite- chewy and hardy, they  have a nutty, fresh flavour. (and they’re great for your health too!) Did I mention that they’re super cheap to make too?

Anyway, I took the bean sprouts (sprouted chickpeas and lentils), sliced up a gala apple and a pear, covered them in lime juice (used all my lemon juice in the tart!!), and a bottled Fuji Apple vinaigrette. The bottled vinaigrette might be cheating… but I also ran out of olive oil and need to get more. For the record, I only buy the kinds of store-bought salad dressings that you find in the fridge, since someone told me that there’s an ingredient in shelved salad dressing that is close to antifreeze. Gross. This salad and its dressing were good though! Fresh and sweet.


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One thought on “sprouts and apples!

  1. This looks yummy – you’ll have to do some sprouts again when you areat 154 High — I’ll do the rinsing in case you forget !!

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