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100 days, 100 salads

kale chips (salad?)

This has been a busy week, getting back into the swing of choir work and planning and life in Edmonton. I’m getting through my to-do list though, and I have a couple more days of the week to get my work done.

Tonight, between church meetings and church choir, I managed to come home and make some kale chips to go with my leftover lentil salad from yesterday. I’ve made kale chips a few times, but they turned out best this time! I have often ended up with soggy chips, since I didn’t thoroughly dry them after I washed them, but this time I was better. Once the kale is dry, tear it up into little pieces, discarding the tough middle. Drizzle with olive oil (or butter, or coconut oil), and then season it with whatever you like- I put salt, pepper, and cayenne on mine, plus some Brewer’s Yeast for the nutritional punch (B vitamins! everyone needs ’em!). If I had citric acid powder, I would have put that too, to add some lemony zing. Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes and you end up with a bowl of crispy deliciousness. You can even eat the entire bowl and not feel bad!


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2 thoughts on “kale chips (salad?)

  1. Is Brewer’s yeast the same as nutritional yeast? I just bought the latter today, for a vegan salad recipe I am planning to make. It is a new-to-me product.

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