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roasted tomato salad

Last night, I attempted a recipe I found in a new nutrition book I got over Christmas. As is typical, though, I didn’t have time to finish the recipe and took a lot of shortcuts at the end. To be fair, the recipe was pretty complicated. It involved a combination of rice, quinoa, slow-roasted tomatoes (over 2 hours, this part I actually did), and then topping with green olives and nigella seeds (apparently, black cumin seeds; I didn’t have any). In the end, I roasted the tomatoes with the brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and they were pretty good! I thought they would be sweeter though, honestly (especially with the brown sugar and the caramelization). I didn’t taste the tomatoes before they went in the oven- they could have been sour to begin with. In any case, I put them on top of some quinoa with some peppercorn goat’s cheese (om nom nom) and some sunflower seeds. Not bad!



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One thought on “roasted tomato salad

  1. nigella seeds – finches love them !! expensive , too!

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