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candied pecan salad

Back in the Fall, I went to a work lunch and had this tasty salad for the first time. My co-worker Joan had candied the pecans herself, and they were oh so delicious. She brought some extra for munching and I think I had the better part of the bag :). What’s not awesome about pecans, sugar, and spice? They have a bit of bite to them too. To my delight, she made me a batch of my own for Christmas, so I put what’s left (after the snacking…) into today’s salad. I put them on top of a bed of mixed greens (with herbs, the kind that Becky’s Mom really loves ;)) and slices of green apple (soaked in lemon juice to avoid browning). Simple, but tasty. Joan put feta cheese in her salad, which was lovely, but I didn’t have any around. Next time!

What’s your favourite salad? I need some comments here, people! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “candied pecan salad

  1. deanna on said:

    The pecans are so pink…what did she candy them with?
    I’m nuts for nuts!!

    • Hey Deanna!

      She candied 2 cups of pecans with 1/2 c. sugar, 1/2 c. water, 1 tsp. chill powder (there’s the colour), 1/2 tsp. cumin, and a dash of hot sauce. The recipe says to heat everything in a frying pan, stirring until sticky. Spread onto parchment paper, bake @ 325 for 20 minutes. Cool and break apart. Pretty easy actually!

  2. Anna Kate on said:

    Favourite salad in Pictou County? Sam’s in Stellarton makes an amazing Greek salad. Order the largest size between two people and you won’t be disappointed. My parents go almost every week for it.

    Favourite salad that’s take-out? Wendy’s Blue Cheese/Pecan/Apple/Chicken salad. Delish. I had one almost every day after I gave birth because I didn’t have the energy to cook.

    Favourite salad that I make? Yikes. Not sure. I’m drooling over your salads. But I make whatever fresh veggies/fruit/nuts/cheese I can find out here in Twillingate + homemade a red wine vinaigrette. I’m boring.

    Favourite salad ever? A spicy thai cold beef salad that I kept ordering when I was in Thailand. Must find that recipe.

  3. Hayley on said:

    Please make this for me when I come to visit!

  4. Most of my favourite salads involve meat. In fact, meat was my gateway to enjoying salads at all. Now I even eat salads without meat sometimes. 🙂 My favourite meat-free salad is:


    Hm. Or:


    Tough call.

  5. Carol MacDonald on said:

    I started reading these comments, nodding in agreement with the comment about Sam’sGreek Salad and then discovered , that’s Jim and I!!!
    I’ll have to say, it’s usually once a month but man oh man, it’s great!
    Love this blog Susan. Well done.

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