oil and vinegar

100 days, 100 salads

day three: spinach salad

Hey-o! I was thinking of Scott and his ‘Spanach’ teacher… her hee..

I’m still working through my parents’ fridge, so today’s salad was thrown together (again) from food we already had. I took some baby spinach, green onions, sliced strawberries, pistachios (om nom nom) and boiled some eggs to add some extra protein. As a quasi-vegetarian, I take every opportunity I can to get some energy-giving protein in my meals.

For a dressing, I tried my first balsamic reduction. It was pretty good! As per my internet instructions, I boiled the balsamic vinegar (with some brown sugar) until it was reduced to 50%. I think next time I would reduce it even more, though, since it wasn’t as syrupy as I would have liked.

Eating at Chives tonight so I might have an extra photo later on!!


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One thought on “day three: spinach salad

  1. Allison on said:

    YUM!! I’d put balsamic on anything, to be honest.

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