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100 days, 100 salads

day two: chickpea tomato salad

Welcome to day two of 2012! (And we’re off to a good start, I’d say!) Here in Nova Scotia, we are still getting through the enormous amount of groceries we had stockpiled for the holidays. I love being at my parents’ place for that reason- always lots of ingredients around for a good meal or two. Tonight, we were having New Year’s Day leftovers (or planned-overs as Mom would say) so I made a salad to accompany them. We had some beautiful little tomatoes (stored at room temperature so they were just perfect), two avocados, a can of chickpeas, and some basil leaves from Mom’s plant. I threw those together with a balsamic vinaigrette (olive oil, balsamic, lots of dijon and some honey) and they were yummy. I guess you could call it a distant cousin of the Caprese salad (tomato, basil and bocconcini), the creamy avocados replacing the unripened mozzarella.


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4 thoughts on “day two: chickpea tomato salad

  1. Is ‘planned-over’ a pun? I believe it is a game with words, but I’m not sure.. And if not, I’m a little sad about the lack of puns today, but pretty stoked about how awesome that salad looks.

  2. I like the idea of lettuce-less salads. Keep em coming!

  3. ‘Planned-over’… I think it’s a just a word game, like you suggest! It’s a Vivian-ism, for sure. 🙂

    And AK, glad you are liking the lettuce-less salads. They’re great in the winter, when you don’t have as many fresh leafy greens available!

  4. I like “planned-over” too. I’m going to start using this, giving credit where credit is due, of course.

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