oil and vinegar

100 days, 100 salads

day one: (a-pear-antly) tropical fruit salad

Happy New Year, everyone!

Last night, at my New Year’s celebration, we went around and shared our resolutions for 2012. Put on the spot, I started talking about how I wanted to be more creative with my cooking this year, and that I wanted to eat more fruits and veggies. My good friend Sophie gave herself a great challenge a few years ago- do something active everyday for 100 days. She kept us up to date with her blog, and it was a really entertaining challenge for her readers! Inspired by this, I announced last night that I would try eating a salad every day for 100 days and document on a blog. Here is born ‘Oil and Vinegar’! (Credit for the name goes to my big bro ;).

Day One involved eating a large diner breakfast and a delicious but salad-free Indian meal for supper. Thus, my creativity was put to its first test! Looking around at my parents’ fruit basket, it was fairly easy to decide what salad I would make! Here is a picture of my Canteloupe/Banana/Mango/Pear Salad. I tried chopping all of the fruit in a similar way, mostly for the look of it. I squeezed a lime over the top, then sprinkled on some cinnamon, vanilla extract, and honey. Delish! (Mom and Fahim agree!)


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2 thoughts on “day one: (a-pear-antly) tropical fruit salad

  1. Excellent! I am very excited about this! Pear salad sounds wonderful.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging! I really like the look of your blog; nice and clean. I found wordpress confusing; obviously, you figured it out! Also, the topic is fun. If you haven’t already, I would give yourself some leeway, as in, 100 salads in 100 days (within the span of a year). Good luck! 🙂

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